6 Places to Find Inexpensive Books

So if you’re anything like me and have a book-buying habit (or issue, whichever way you look at it) then you probably know most of these tricks!

But to those of you out there still buying books and watching your bank balance deplete at the same time here is a list of places to search for those best-sellers and escapist tales!

1.    Netgalley – For those of you with blogs, who work in PR or in a library/bookshop this is your next go-to stop. It is PR book library in which the publicity departments of every publisher known to man – slight exaggeration – across different continents can place their latest or upcoming books in ebook form for early reviews. You simply create a profile search through the many lists of books or publishers and request a book. I hated ebooks until I found this online and now I find I get most of my books from here! See Ragdoll and Smoke for more details.

2.    Charity Shops – I spend most of my weekends in charity shops, possibly sad but true. Most of the books in charity shops are £2 or less and you can find some absolutely bargains in here! This used to be the place I would come when looking for my GCSE classics as there was always one charity shop which had the book of choice in stock! But now I come here to peruse for the latest over-hyped book, on the red-spine vintage classics I now collect and sometimes just for the next quickie read on the train. You give to charity, get a bargain and enjoyment at the same time! What is not to like!

3.    Amazon – It had to be included didn’t it. You’re less likely to find a ‘bargain’ on amazon as you are to find a discounted book, if you get what I mean. All newly released books are generally about £2-3 cheaper on Amazon but that’s still about £12-16 in most cases. You can get some absolutely cheap classics and old books so it is great for School and University students!

4.    Supermarkets – Yes Supermarkets. An example – when Girl on a Train first came out in hardback and people were spending £14.99 in Waterstones to buy it many people didn’t know it was £6.49 in Sainsburys and brand-new. Supermarkets get a discounted rate off the book they buy in bulk which means that they can sell them for a discounted rate. You’re unlucky if you find a newly-released book for over £10 in there! And now that we’re nearing Christmas it means more books and cheaper prices! Great place to find the next big thing for less than Amazon!

5.    Fairs – Boot Fairs, Summer Fayres, Winter Bazaars whatever you like. They’ll always be one stall selling off books for a £1 or a stall of ‘surprise books’ – which were always my favourite (books that are wrapped up with a brief description on so you don’t know what book you’re buying but have a rough idea of what it is about) normally the books are a little ratty but then if they’re only a £1 or less what does it matter.

6.    Discount Stores – Be it an independent store or online there are plenty of places to find a bargain in a used-bookstore. I will be doing a post on the best used-book stores in London soon so I’ll say more then! But online there is the Book Depository, The Book People, World of Books and many more!

There are several places to find inexpensive books! I hope it helps and that you’ll find your next favourite read inexpensively in one of them!

Happy Reading!


  1. I look on the "used and new" copies on amazon too, there is often the same, brand new book being sold for less by a different seller. I usually buy by paperbacks from Abe books though, they are almost always cheaper. Interestingly, Amazon owns The Book Depository and Abe Books.

  2. I got The Girls by Emma Cline, a brand new hardback book, for a fiver at Tesco the other day!
    Nice list :)