October Wrap-Up || Books

Firstly sorry for the lack of posts this week! I’ve been very busy with work – I got a promotion! Which means a slight change and adjustment period – but it has been a good week and I am getting back into my stride.

I had a really slow reading month in October, at least to begin with, but then it sped up fairly quickly and then died againwe shall see how November goes.

So in October I read five books. I am currently reading 3 books simultaneously but I doubt I’ll finish any before the 1st of November so I’m going to leave it at five books.

Where Am I Now?
by Mara Wilson


I won’t say much about this book – aside from the fact that I loved it – because I have already done a full review here. It is a memoir from Mara Wilson, the child actress from Matilda, Mrs Doubtfire and Miracle on 34th Street. It is a sweetly poignant read with some great anecdotes and comical observations which I just love. I want to be her best friend.

by Roald Dahl


It seemed only natural to move from Where I Am Now to Matilda since I had never actually read Matilda by Roald Dahl. I recently read The BFG as well so my Roald Dahl reading is improving. It is a good children’s story and I finished it fairly quickly but I think I read Roald Dahl, or at least started reading Dahl, a little too late in life to find the funny, silliness of it all. I’m too realistic – I’ve officially grown up. Sad but true. Still a good story though – got to love the humble yet amazing Matilda. Fantastic character.

The Trouble with Women
by Jacky Fleming


A short, mosty pictures, book with a lot of satirical/sarcastic comments about women. It’s a silly read, not one I’d read again, but I enjoyed nonetheless. If you enjoy feminist reads – as I do – and you fancy a giggle just get this book from the library!

As You Wish
by Cary Elwes


I loved this. It’s as simple as that. It is a day-by-day, almost, account of life on the set of The Princess Bride in the 1980s. Full of anecdotes – some hilarious! – and stories about the cast members and how the story came to be. As a person who grew up watching that movie constantly, I loved this book. It is not only Cary Elwes’s work, there is another writer alongside him and a lot of quotes and tit-bits from the other cast members. It is clear that the production of the movie and the relationships between the cast were just fabulous and I love the movie and the book even more now!

 The History Boys
by Alan Bennett


My favourite play! In written form – I think Harry Potter has won the production prize. I could read this play, watch the movie/production over and over again. It is hilarious! The one-liners and the continuations are flawless an, as a history student, I understand what the concept of this play – the idea of journalism and taking new ideas about history instead of using the boring-old-normal-ones resonates with me! I think it is Alan Bennett’s best work and a great piece of theatre!

So there we have it. Five books. I’m one away from my Goodreads challenge of reading 60 books this year so this is great! 1 to go!

It has been a slow month but it picked up and it wasn’t a bad one in terms of quality!

Let me know what books you’ve been reading this month!

Happy Reading!

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