September Wrap Up || Books

Well September was a pitiful reading month for me!

I read two books. Yes two. Just two.

However out of the two books one of them was meh and the other was Oh My God! So the last does make up for it slightly.

The two books I read were:

Vinegar Girl
by Anne Tyler**

I have done a full review of this book so I can’t say much about this book. It was alright but a big disappointment to what I wanted/expected it to be. It is a retelling of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, and basically carried on the blantent anti-feminist, all-girls need a man kind of story that the original was. Fair dos, it’s a retelling. It was just a little dull. A shame.

And then I read

by Daniel Cole

Oh my god! As I said before. I received this book via Netgalley but all my thoughts are my own.

This book was all anyone was talking about at the London Book Fair in April. It got a lot of buzz in the publishing industry and it sold for mega-bucks to Trapeze, a new imprint of Orion. It is a piece of fiction, set to be a series of books, which started as a TV script some time ago. Daniel Cole had a lot of trouble getting this made/published but thank god he did!

This is the first story of a potential series revolving around the main character ‘Wolf’, a police officer, but Ragdoll can be read as a stand-alone so don’t worry about any long-term cliff-hangers. It revolves around two cases – a serial killer case from 2010 and a new serial killer case in 2014/16. It is a fast-paced, wonderful piece of crime/thriller fiction set from the perspective of many different police officers after they find a body made of different people’s body parts and sewn together into a ragdoll shape! Everything is linked and everything is on a timer when the serial killer hands in a list of names and dates of the people he intends to kill next!

I will do a full review nearer the time of publication!

The book itself doesn’t come out until 2017 and I cannot wait to give it as a gift to several people who I know will love this book! It is a brilliant piece of writing and in a genre that I never pick up so for me to say that is quite a big deal for me.

I will be buying/asking for Daniel Cole’s next piece of work as and when it comes out. He is one to watch – perhaps the latest Paula Hawkins ‘Girl on a Train’ to hit the book market!

So my September Wrap Up is bit bare and although I can’t class it is as a good reading month Ragdoll was stupendous!

I hope next month will pick up slightly, particularly since it is my favourite reading month! But we shall see!

Happy Reading!

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  1. Ooh Ragdoll sounds so interesting, will definitely have to read it!