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Last week I was inspired by Eventbrite to write a post about my Dream Book Panel! There are so many directions you could design your panel, choosing from people like Suzanne Collins and John Green talking about YA fiction, or maybe J.K. Rowling and Tolkien discussing Fantasy!

I think I have two dream panels: the first being the writers and the second being the characters! I mean who wouldn’t want to have a comic-con panel of the 'real’ Harry Potter characters! Although Harry would hate it!

But, in all honesty, if I could arrange my own dream panel of authors I think I would choose

-      Sarah Crossan, the author of One.

-      Tanya Landman, the author of Apache and Buffalo Soldiers

-      Louise O’Neill, the author of Only Ever Yours and Asking For It

And Laura Bates, the writer behind Everyday Sexism and Girl Up, as chair.

To discuss strong female characters and feminism.

I love all four of these women’s work! And whilst I wish I could include a male on the panel to, to introduce some form of male perspective, there are just no male writers that scream ‘feminism’ to me, yet.

If you know of any: let me know!

Feminism is a topic close to my heart and I love a strong female character. This is probably because of my own gender but also because it’s needed in literature!

If I could resurrect Anne Bronte and Angela Carter I would totally have them on the panel too! To discuss feminism across the ages.

In terms of a Character Panel, I wish I could humanise:

-      Neville Longbottom, from Harry Potter

-      Samwise Gamgee, from Lord of the Rings

-      Little John, from Robin Hood

Chaired by Dr Watson, from Sherlock Holmes

Going from one entirely female panel to entirely male. I would want to ask these characters about what is like to be the sidekick/friend to a stories hero/heroine!

Do they feel appreciated, did they feel responsible, was it duty, loyalty or simple friendship that made them stay with the hero etc. I would want to know about them and their choices!

There we go! My Dream Book Panels!

I’m much more intellectual when it comes to panels then I am 'fan-girly’ but I am very pleased to see on Eventbrite that Tanya Landman and Sarah Crossan are meeting at Bloomsbury in 2 weeks’ time to discuss their novels respectively! So I am buying my ticket and going! For more information about the event click here

If you are planning an event you can use the Eventbrite Conference Management website to plan and find conferences in your local area! They’re not just in London! 

There are some great events coming up! I’ve included a list of links below to some of the most exciting ones in my opinion!

Let me know if you are too or if you see any panels or events you like the look of on Eventbrite and tell me about your dream panels too!

Happy Reading!

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