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I bought books! Well there is a surprise! But I was calm. I didn’t buy too many and I bought all of them – bar one – in charity shops. The odd one out was sent to be me for review by the Borough Press!

The Cranford Chronicles
by Elizabeth Gaskell

Adding to my Vintage Red-Spine editions I picked up the Cranford Chronicles by Elizabeth Gaskell I have the Penguin English Library edition – which is much smaller – but I wanted to add to my collection and it is pristine condition and only cost £2! Bargain beauty.

A Town Called Alice
by Nevil Shute

Another addition to my Vintage Red-Spine collection. My mother bought me the book originally as she think it is a story I will enjoy and I will get around to reading it eventually! It is set during the Second World War and revolves around a romance between two prisoners of war – one female and one male – in Malaysia. It is more than just a wartime romance though, it is about economies and starting life anew after a traumatising experience.

The Girls
by Emma Cline

This was the book to read this summer and I still haven’t read it. I got a copy via Netgalley but since I only occasionally read on my iPhone on the way to work I struggled to get into it. So when I found the book in my local charity shop I thought: why not pick it up in hardback! The story is set in the 1960s and is about a young girl who meets and falls in with ‘the girls’, carefree girls of the 1960s. A coming-of-age novel, supposedly very good! I, hopefully, will find out for sure in a few weeks!

Asking for It
by Louise O’Neill

I have Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill and I haven’t read it yet. Shamefully. I have heard great things about her writing, particularly the feminist sexist-shaming element of them both. I expect I’ll love it, but like most things, I imagine I’ll have to be in a certain mood to want to pick it up.

Where My Heart Used to Beat
by Sebastian Faulks

I had to pick up Sebastian Faulk’s latest book since Birdsong is my favourite book ever! I will get around to reading it eventually but my co-worker told me it has a slow start but picks up pace. I’ve heard this a lot and less bad things. I want to make sure I go into it without the ideas of Birdsong in my mind, though!

by Brittany Newell

I received this proof from the lovely people of Borough Press. Written by Brittany Newell, a 21-year-old in California, it is set to be a big hit. A coming-of-age novel about the life of post-college-girl with themes of sex, privilege, desire, and creativity! It sounds entirely unique and just a little sinister! I can’t wait to dive in and have a read!

by Penelope Skinner

A play. I recently saw Noma Dumezweni playing Hermione Granger in Harry Potter & the Cursed Child and I remembered that she had taken over from Kit Cattrall, in the very last minute, in the production of Linda in which she got rave reviews even though she was still learning the lines on opening night! It’s an impressive feat and the story sounds quite interesting – an over-worked mother/worker begins to crack under the strains – a timely piece of drama. I started reading some of the train home and it was fairly gripping!

They were all the books I bought this month! What books have you bought lately?

Happy Reading!

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