December Book Haul

I got a few books for Christmasshocker.

I may also be getting a few books in the December Sales but I think I’ll do a separate blog post on that simply because I got quite a lot of books in December as it is! 

Let’s just jump straight in!

Before Christmas:

Just a note – I was incredibly lucky this month and actually won 4 giveaways this month! 4! And so the first few books I got this month were entirely prizes – which was amazing!

The Boy Called Christmas & The Girl Who Saved Christmas
by Matt Haig

I was so incredibly lucky to win this prize on Twitter! A box-set of both of Matt Haig’s Christmas books for children which were not only signed by himself but also by the Illustrator Chris – who also did a unique design in both books as well as doodles of some of Elves on the wrapping, the box cover and within the books themselves! Utterly amazing! Beautiful books!

The Girl Who Saved Christmas
by Matt Haig (audiobook)

Prior to winning the giveaway I actually bought the audio version of the Girl Who Saved Christmas as I was reading the book on my phone and I enjoy reading along with the audio book on the train so that I can carry on ‘reading’ when I’m walking to and from my trains! So that was great luck!

The Bird’s Child
by Sandra Leigh Price

I won this book on Jenny from Neverland’s Giveaway – so thanks so much Jenny! – I haven’t actually read much into this novel yet as I’ve been so busy with Christmas but I’ll let you when I jump into it!

Talking As Fast As I Can
by Lauran Graham

When I heard that I won this I was ecstatic! I may have disliked the reboot of Gilmore Girls but I loved the original and I’ve always liked the actors/actresses so I was looking forward to reading about the experences of Lauren Graham on set and before. I’ve started reading this and I am about halfway through and it is really enjoyable so far! Full review to follow in the New Year!

by Steve Coogan (Alan Partridge)

I won one of the 12 Days of Christmas surprise wins run by Trapeze on Twitter –which was fabulous as I love Trapeze!  Next to Virago they are my favourite imprint so that’s always good. I’ve never really read any of Steve Coogan’s altar ego books but I did love the acknowledgement which was simply: I don’t have anyone to acknowledge at this time, so I won’t.

That’s it for the books I won this Christmas. I think the only other book I bought prior to Christmas was:

Living Dolls: Return of Sexism
by Natasha Walters

I am also currently reading this and so far enjoying it. It has a lot to say on the sexism of the seedier places in world – lap dance clubs, stripping etc – I’m hoping it gets more relatable soon but it has a point and makes it well!

RightChristmas present time:

Harry Potter & the Cursed Child
by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne

I have this on kindle but I never got it in Hardback as I knew my brother was going to give me his copy for Christmas. He’s not the best at surprises but I didn’t mind waiting as I saw the show and he didn’t. Sorry, Nick. Although I didn’t enjoy reading the script the show was incredible, so I’m glad I got the script in hardback so that I can re-live the show in my head when I read it!

Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets (Illustrated)
by J.K. Rowling & illustrated by Jim Kay

It is traditional now that at Christmas I get the next illustrated edition of Harry Potter! This is going to go until I am 26 years old I’ve just realised. Hahaha! Fan-Girl much. But I love it! Of course I opened it up on the pages of spider illustrations but still, beautiful.

Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone (audio)
by J.K. Rowling & narrated by Stephen Fry

My sister had a stroke of genius at Christmas and realised I have read the Harry Potter books numerous times but I had never listened to the books. Now I can listen to them on the train during the summer! Woop Woop!

I think that’s it for Harry Potter books – not present's though. I’ll be doing a post on my grad blog of the Harry Potter gifts I got for Christmas soon!

The Woman in Black
by Susan Hill

I’ve seen the stage show of this and quite frankly I don’t think I’ll ever grow the tits to actually read the novel as it was so bloody terrifying. But my mum found this book, and the one below, in a charity shop and they’re red-spine vintage classics and I collect those. So she had to buy it for me for Christmas.

Far From the Madding Crowd
by Thomas Hardy

Another red-spine vintage classic. I’ve never read Hardy as quite frankly I think he’s a misogynistic writer but I did enjoy parts of the Far From the Madding Crowd movie so I may give this classic ago.

More books I collect: The Penguins Little Black Classics. I got 6 this Christmas.

No. 113: Is This a Dagger Which I See Before Me?
by William Shakespeare

This is the small collection of Shakespeare’s soliloquies! I can’t wait to flick through and read it as I love Shakespeare and the soliloquies are part of the best bits about his work!

No. 94: The Suffragettes

This is a collection of speeches, pamphlets, posters, newspaper articles and letters to do with Women’s Suffrage across the early 20th Century. Very interesting to me!

No. 119: Only Dull People Are Brilliant For Breakfast
by Oscar Wilde

I love this little Black Classic! It is a book of Oscar Wilde’s witticisms and he had so many and they’re all hilarious! I love it! The proper basis for marriage is mutual misunderstanding.

No. 100: Nonsense
by Edward Lear

This is a small collection of some of Lear’s best-loved poems. I don’t actually know many of Edward Lear’s poems so this could be a really good introduction!

No. 81: Lady Susan
by Jane Austen

I think one of my regrets of 2016 was not going to see Lady Susan in Cinema. This is the Jane Austen’s small novella/play she wrote as a young woman about a devious, adulterous heroine! No wonder it took until 2016 to be published/performed!

No. 116: Matilda
by Mary Shelley

When I think of Mary Shelley I automatically think of Frankenstein. I think a lot of us forget about her other works so it’ll be interesting to read Matilda – a dark story of a bereaved man’s disturbing passion for his daughter! Dark and incestuous. Shelley was a little disturbed methinks.

No. 89: Tyger Tyger
by William Blake

I know a few of Blake’s poems but not many. This is a small collection of some of his best romantic age poems! Well worth a read.

Last but not least, I have bought a few books today which I’ll include in this list as well, lest I forget I bought them!

The Bronte Story
by Margaret Lane

I’ve read quite a few Bronte Biographies being a major fan and a part academic of their lives. I am greatly looking forward to To Walk Invisible on the 29th of this month on BBC and I just know that it will make me want to read into their lives again! So seeing this in a charity shop for 50p was a sign!

The Essex Serpent
by Sarah Perry

Sarah Perry was wonderful enough to let us know on Twitter that her worldwide bestseller was 99p on kindle and so I had to buy it. I’ve no idea what it’s even about but I’ve been meaning to pick it up as everyone I know in Publishing is raving about it!

But there we go! I’ve bought/received/got some great books this month! I can’t wait to just dive in and read them all!

My Goodreads challenge will be renewing soon and I want to read 70 books in 2017 so the more I read the better! Can’t wait!

What books have you got this month? Share your posts in the comments bar below, I’d love to know!

Happy Reading!


  1. I've been listening to the Harry Potter audio books this month, from my library's digital collection. I have the hardbacks, but I don't think I've read them since Deathly Hallows came out. All I can say is that Stephen Fry is brilliant! He was the perfect choice for narrator.

    1. I've heard some great things about Stephen Fry's narration so I hope it doesn't let me down! I love reading HP in the summer so I'm looking forward to using a new medium to enjoy the series! :)

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