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So I’m a big Harry Potter fan – who isn’t! – I think this has been established. Because of this, this Christmas if anyone is stuck to buy me a gift (I doubt it with my mother!) they know they can buy me anything Harry Potter related and I would be happy.

I’ve actually started a collection of HP items (unintentionally) and it is forever growing! I love it!

But I find a lot of people always ask me: what can I for people that’s different or I know they’ll like.

Getting the books and films is all very well but Harry Potter with a twist is even better! Hence, instead of a standard Gift Guide for Christmas, I’ve decided to make it Harry Potter themed instead!

(Forgive me if this is more female-orientated, it’s just because of my own gender!)

All rights to Literary Emporium
You can personalise this necklace on the Literary Emporium with your house colour! So mine would be Hufflepuff! Go Hufflepuff! It’s only £15.50, sterling silver and unique as I don’t know many people who have Sorting Hat necklaces – a lot of people have Deathly Hallows so go for something a bit unique!

An oldie but a goodie – particularly if you are willing to spend out on the authentic scarves from the Warner Bros Studio tour (eBay bargains are also fine!) You can get one in your Hogwarts house and they’re useful as well as pretty – they also don’t immediately come across as fan items as well so if you’re looking for subtle utility they’re perfect!

Another oldie/goodie – Wands! The best ones are from Warner Bros Studio tour but you can get them almost anywhere! I have my wand: Sirius Black’s hence I have linked it to that one above! Some people like to collect all of the wands others, like me, prefer only one (they’d only have one wand after all!) Well worth checking before you splash the cash on an inanimate object!

Now this is an item I suggest you get off of eBay. I’ve yet to see a direct comparison of the more expensive time-turner necklaces to the fake ones, but mine cost £2 from China and it’s great! I wouldn’t wear it (too chunky) but it’s awesome to spin and have hanging around your room! They’re also quite pretty!

I got this as a gift my Harry Potter mad cousin and she loved it! The kit we purchased included the Hogwarts letter, 9 ¾ ticket, Knight’s Bus ticket, school shopping list, money and more! They’re ephemera pieces of happiness and make a great gift for people! Particularly if you can get a kit with a personalised name and envelope – it makes it feel all the more cheesy/awesome!


All rights attributed to BokaPrints

Now everyone can get the calendar and the posters of the movies but I think some of the prints on Etsy are fabulous! They’re almost like 1950s advert signs! My latest favourites, and soon to be purchased I think, are these two: the Knights Bus print & the Quaffle slogan print! I love it! There are a load on Etsy as well so it’s well worth shopping around for something unique and again, not too fan-like!

I love this. I need this. I will buy this for my life. It is the perfect gift for those lesser-tidy Harry Potter fans!

I first saw these at MinaLima and was itching to buy one. At £19.50 they are pricey for a notebook but they are also really interesting! There are three to choose from and they contain notes from either Harry, Hermione or Ron. So in Ron’s there are doodles of Quidditch paraphernalia and notes to Harry and in Harry’s there are doodles of Hedwig and replies! Unique, fun items that are always nice to add to the collection!

I’ve only recently seen these and they’re the perfect Secret Santa for a HP fan or an early Christmas present! Unfortunately, they only seem to come in Griffyindor or Slytherin (that is House-ist!) but hey, Harry Potter Christmas Stockings!

Another girly gift. Hogwarts headbands! For those girls going through the Hermione Granger staged of Book 1-3 these are the perfect accessory! They come in all four Hogwarts houses and aren’t that expensive at £5.95. A pretty little gift for someone getting started!

Of course, you can always get the books! There are now about 4 different versions of the book – US & UK prints and reprints as well as the illustrated editions now coming out yearly, the extra books which have been re-issued several times. Also, the Fantasic Beasts Screenplay, Cursed Child Script, three HP colouring books and also the additional film texts: Page to Screen, Film Wizardry, Locations, Creatures and more! Double check before you purchase but every HP fan needs the books – sometimes more than once!

That’s plenty to be getting on with but there are so many great shops to buy LOADS more Harry Potter Fan items! So I include them below:
And then Etsy, eBay, Amazon and any bookstore on the planet!

Let me know if you buy anything! And please share if you have any Harry Potter Collections up on your blog! I’d love to have a nose around!

Happy Reading x

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