November Book Haul

I bought a lot of books in November! I’m quite happy I did actually, I’ve noticed over the last few months how little I’ve bought so ha! I broke my no-spend streak! Yay!

Some of these books I received on Netgalley, others I received for review but most of them I bought myself in charity shops or off Amazon!

by Graham Norton
I saw this in a charity shop up Marylebone Road and recognised it as it has just come out. It’s Graham Norton’s first piece of fiction about an Irish village and I thought I would pick it up as I love Graham Norton, and give it a go!

The Bloody Chamber
by Angela Carter
I actually won this book on Twitter! Haha! I had to describe plot to enter and three people received copies of the new, beautiful, Vintage editions! Want to know a secret: I’ve never actually read the story but I know what it is about – and I won! I can’t wait to actually read it now!

St Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves
by Karen Russell
This is a collection of short stories, the title of the book is the short story I have actually read. I remember digesting the Girls Raised by Wolves story in my university lecture and actually thinking that Karen Russell’s writing was something to read more of so I am happy to have found this book in my nearby charity shop!

It was You
by Jo Platt
I was part of the blog tour for It Was You – you can see Jo Platt’s guest post here! – and so I received a copy from the lovely Canelo publishers! I have started reading it and I hope to finish soon so that I can write a full review but so far so good! It is about a group of friends from university and their ‘’short-book-club’ in which they gather to discuss Novellas. One of the friends has recently died and secrets start to come out because of thisintriguing, yes!

The History Boys
by Alan Bennet
(Audiobook/Film Script)
I got a little History Boys obsessed over the last few weeks and bought the film script and the audiobook, as well as reading the original script from my local library! This story is just one of my favourite stories ever, it resonates so much with me as a history graduate myself but I love the characters and the humour and Alan Bennet’s flawless writing! Love it!

Hot Milk
by Deborah Levy
I saw this book in a charity shop and recognised it as one of the shortlisted Man Booker Prize books from this year so I had to pick up. It’s a fairly short book and I think about a daughter and mother who go abroad for some reason. I’m not quite sure. I hope to read this sometime in the new year as I have heard plenty of good things about it!

Cider With Rosie
by Laurie Lee
I bought this in my favourite, classics, second-hand bookstore. It is one of the red-spine Vintage classics, which I collect, and it was recently adapted for TV by the BBC. It is actually a memoir, rather than a novel, but I think I might enjoy it as it is very pastoral-Britain.

The Magic Toyshop
by Angela Carter
Ever since watching the BBC documentary on Virago, the imprint of Little Brown, I’ve really wanted to read more Virago classics. Where better to start than Angela Carter. I bought this the day before winning the Bloody Chamber, at a beautiful second-hand bookshop, and I have recently started reading it. Angela Carter’s writing is magic itself. So visceral and descriptive! Gorgeous!

The Day of the Triffids
by John Wyndham
I read The Midwich Cuckoos last year and I found this beautifully preserved Penguin’s Classic edition of this book from the 1960s and I thought I would give it a go. It is a sci-fi, horror genre-jumping book, which I rarely read, but I quite like John Wyndham’s style.

Scrappy Little Nobody
by Anna Kendrick
One thing I’ve really got into this year is Autobiographies. I never used to like them, but after reading Spectacles by Sue Perkins and Cary Elwes memoir about working on The Princess Bride I thought I would get Anna Kendrick’s book. I listened to a sample on Audible and it sounded great and I have now started reading it and it doesn’t disappoint. I get the sense that she is a little neurotic and adorable at the same time!

Rebeun Sachs
by Amy Levy
I saw this book in a charity shop. It’s in a Persephone’s Books cover and is by an author I’ve never heard of before, and yet it’s a classic. It’s a feminist story about being a jew in the 1800s. How have I not heard of this! I got it as it’s only short and it looks beautiful and really interesting! Can’t wait to dive into it!

A Clockwork Orange
by Anthony Burgess
I’ve never seen the movie although I know the plot. I saw the book, which is only short, and I thought I would pick it up for a future moment of intrigue. It is a classic after all.

Miss Treadway and the Field of Stars
by Miranda Emerson
I worked at the Literary Agency where this author is represented and so heard about this book well in advance! So when I saw it on Netgalley I had to pick up and give it a read. My previous boss really loved it and she pitched it to me really well so I’m looking forwards to diving into it.

There we go! Quite a few books to be getting on with this month! What books did you buy? Any suggestions for December!

Happy Reading!

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