Top Ten Books of 2016

2016 has been a mixed year – politically and personally – but my reading year has gone well!

I beat my Goodreads Reading Challenge of reading 60 books by reading 64 books – possible 65 by the end of the year – but I have read some great books this year as well as some meh ones.

But here are my top ten reads of the year – in no particularly order!

The Opposite of Loneliness
by Marina Keegan

I read this collection of short stories and non-fiction essays at the start of 2016 and it moved me so much. Mostly because Marina was tragically killed in a car crash and her work was published posthumously as a result. She was clearly talent and would have made a wonderful long-term writer had she survived. It is always difficult to read and judge a book when the author is no longer around to defend their decisions or answer your questions. But this book has stayed with me all year and that stands to mean something.

by Sue Perkins

I loved this! This autobiography is the best I’ve ever read! It made me laugh, cry and want to call my mother! Sue Perkins is one of my idols – and I’ve known of her work long before the Great British Bake Off (thanks to my mother’s eclectic taste in comedy) and her writing is equally as funny and clever. My mum and I attended one of her book launch performances and it was fantastic! Her intelligence and crowd control is staggering! Read this book if you haven’t already!

Dorothy Must Die
by Danielle Paige

This book is a bit hit and miss for me – although I think the writing is actually fairly weak the story and the re-telling of Wizard of Oz really drew me in! Now I’m slightly addicted to this series! The first book definitely remains the strongest of the series but it was well worth a read.

by Jane Austen

I started reading Emma when I was 18 and in France on the worst holiday of my life and I stupidly let my friend borrow it too read. As such I lost my place and I just gave up on reading it. I put it on my Classics TBR for 2016 and finally returned to it. Thank God!  It’s now my favourite Austen book! It was romantic, clever, witty, funny, sweet and just all around fun! Move over Mr Darcy, I’m all for Mr Knightley!

The Bees
by Laline Paull

I was really interested in reading this book and I finally picked it up and it was incredible. It is told entirely from the perspective of a Bee. A Bee! Not only was it a deeply gripping and thrilling story it was also an intelligently informative book on the life of bees. It’s a work of genius which, at times, was a little dry hence it hasn’t been picked up more I think, but it is well worth a read!

by Sarah Crossan

This book was slightly on my radar when I picked it up but I couldn’t put it down when I read it. It’s a brave and timely story about a set of conjoined twins who, due to an awful medical reason, have to be separated. It’s a great look at the life of twins such as this as well as the people who surround them in life. Told entirely in verse, which I worried would over complicate the story, it was a work of genius. No wonder it has won so many awards.

Girls Will be Girls
by Emer O’Toole

Anyone that has been following this blog for a while will know that I really got into my Feminist Literature in 2016 and this was one of my favourites. Told from the perspective and experiences of Emer it’s an in-depth look into the life of a normal female in the 2000s, asking interesting questions about women’s lives such as: why do we have to shave but men don’t? I couldn’t put it down.

by Daniel Cole

I was sent this book for review and it’s possibly the best book I read this year. It is a thriller, mystery, police-drama and more! Set in the city in today’s time a body made up of several people’s body’s part brings an old case back into the limelight. It’s the beginning of the series – I hope – and is incredible. I couldn’t put it down. It is the next Paula Hawkin’s.

Where Am I Now?
Mara Wilson

As a major fan of Matilda and Miracle on 34th Street I’ve always wondered what Mara Wilson has done since – as I knew she retired from acting. I was thrilled to see she had released this book. It is a memoir of her time as an actress, after and now. It is a poignant telling of the loss of her mother, discovering she had OCD at the age of 12 and more! It’s great writing and well worth a read!

Scrappy Little Nobody
by Anna Kendrick

For a person who will quite happily admit to not having read many memoirs I’ve read quite a few this year and really enjoyed it! I really enjoyed Anna Kendrick’s book – possibly not as much as Sue Perkin’s – it was very funny and a great look at being an actress in modern-day Hollywood. It isn’t like reading a ‘celebrity memoir’ either. It’s a down-to-earth look at a Girl-next-door-done-good. She happily admits to the truths of house-sharing, binge watching box sets and eating take-outs whilst getting on private planes from the Oscars with Ben Affleck. Spot the odd-one out.

Some great reads this year! I hope next year is just as good, if not better! Take a look at what I read last year and watch out for my Bookish Resolutions and list of Books I read this year with genre tags and ratings!

Happy Reading!

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