Top Ten Feminist Books

I have read quite a few Feminist books this year, which makes me incredibly pleased and only more interested in reading more!

To make it easier for those budding feminists out there, here are my top ten Feminist suggestions:

Girl Up
by Laura Bates

Possibly one of my favourite Feminist books of this side of 2010. It is a funny yet informative book aimed at young girls more than young women. It holds all of the basic information, that you’d think we'd all know yet surprisingly don’t, about female rights, everyday sexism and more! With great illustrations, a no-hold-back attitude towards the topic of sex and relationships and an interesting argument for each topic it’s brilliant!

Girls Will be Girls
by Emer O’Toole

I loved this book. It was intensely honest. Focusing on the author rather than an overview of feminism and sexism itself. This is a book about Emer’s own experience of Everyday Sexism and Feminist discovery. It details her experience of stopping shaving and going on national TV to explain why. It tells of her growth in ideas of ‘what is feminism’ and the reaction she got from it. It was a brilliant, in-depth view of one person’s experience of feminism. Great if you’re just getting into to feminism.

I Call Myself a Feminist
by Various Authors

This is a collection of short non-fiction stories about several women’s own experience of feminism and sexism. From experience of rape to experiences of being of a different race and religion and how this affects their treatment as women. It discusses various topics, is very moving and easy to read, drawing light on subjects we wouldn’t necessarily put with feminism.

 Everyday Sexism
by Laura Bates

I’ve mentioned the term Everyday Sexism a few times and this is the book that informed me what it is. Slightly more academic, and angrier in comparison to Laura Bates’ other book Girl Up, Everyday Sexism is a non-fiction book which details the Everyday Sexism that occurs regularly in female’s lives. With quotes and anecdotes from women, and men, who have experienced everyday sexism and shared it on the Everyday Sexism twitter account and website. It is an honest revelation about the treatment of women in public and in private which goes by unnoticed and uncalled out, even when it is illegal. It’s fascinating and terrifying to read. I was counting off the experiences which I had had and realising that several were against my own civil rights!

The Vagenda
by Holly Baxter & Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

The Vagenda was previously a feminist website created by Holly and Rhiannon, which has sadly now closed but not before spawning this book! The Vagenda aims to bring to light the anti-feminist reality of Women’s Magazines. It may sound odd and against your opinions of Women’s Magazines which I previously thought feminist in some cases, but I promise once you read this book you’ll never read a woman’s magazine again. It’s an angry yet calm book which really gets going in the second half! 

Men Explain Things to Me
by Rebecca Solnit

Now I wasn’t a fan of the book but I was a fan of the essay from which the book gets its title. The first essay in the book details Rebecca’s experiences of being told things by men rather than being involved in a conversation. One example was that a man told her about an essay written of feminism, and she was the woman that wrote it. He continued to tell her about it, not believing that that was the case. Good argument, well worth a read.

The Trouble With Women
by Jacky Fleming

Who says Feminism can’t be funny too. This small non-fiction book details the silly rules men have had for women over the years as well as detail the inventions created by women whose names we don't remember. You can read it under an hour and it’s a funny read which’ll inform you about feminism as much as entertain you.

Published in 2010, some say that this was the book that re-started the call of Feminism in the 21st century. It details all of the truths which had previously been ignored in the new century and I think there was only one bad review of it upon publication. That shows how much it was needed as much as how informative it is.

Bad Feminist
 by Roxanne Gay

A collection of essays by Roxanne Gay about numerous topics and their links to feminism: politics, religion, race and more. A great read, easy to get into and a good start for any budding feminist.

Fifty Shades of Feminism
by Various Authors

Fifty essays from numerous writers, celebs and more. A book on feminism in response to the Fifty Shades of Grey endemic which spread across the world. Is that book a true portrayal of ‘love’ or a sexist, anti-feminist detailing of abuse on women? This book holds short essays on many topics and can easily be read in short bursts or in one go.

I hope this list helps you develop your feminist knowledge and interests you!

Have you read any of these books? What did you think?

Happy Reading x


  1. I absolutely love Roxane Gay's book, it was so thought provoking and did make me quite angry in some places! I definitely need to add more of these titles to my TBR list as I want to educate myself about feminism even more! Thanks for sharing!

    Abbey 😘

  2. I have wanted to read a post like this! I have been wanting to read a feminist book but I wanted to read some reviews first! Thank you for this post! 💖