About Me

This is me! Hello :)
I am a 21  year old History and Creative Writing graduate diving into life by reading, blogging and generally eating chocolate.

Upon entering University (3 short years ago) I felt that it was time to spread my wings with my book-reading and share the love. Particularly since most people I know don't read and if they do it is mainly: Fifty Shades of Grey and FanFiction, both of which are preferences that I don't enjoy but nonetheless respect...in a way.

If you saw my bookshelf it contains a mix of:

- Contemporary Fiction
- Historical Fiction
- Fantasy
- Young Adult
- Non-Fiction
- Poetry
- Plays

I rarely read Horror or Mystery novels but I am slowly bringing in these styles along with others as my reading and blogging progresses. If you have any suggestion for books I should read, that maybe don't fit in any of the above categories, let me know. I am open to new ideas!

I hope you enjoy my blog, let me know if you do and feel free to send me Blog-Links I love reading book blogs.

Happy Reading All. :)

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