Review Policy

Review Policy
As a book blogger I find the primary thing I am requested to do is to read and review books that is the basis for a book blog after all.

Primarily, when accepting books for review, I read YA and fantasy stories but I am open to anything as I find reading is best enjoyed when it is diverse I only tell you this just in case you want me to review a horror and I become too afraid to get to the end ;) Although that would be a sign of a good horror story!

If you would like to contact me you may, either through goodreads or my email:

(All spam emails will be deleted without being read so please attach ‘Book Review Request’ in the subject header if possible)

In terms of the review it will go up within 30-45 days - unless I otherwise send an email with extenuating circumstances but the timeline will depend on the length of the book and also my life - I am currently at University and this does hinder my time occasionally - but I will always strive to let you know roughly when I’ll have my review up and will also send you a link once it is up!

I will always tell my reader that I have been requested to review a book and I will be 100% honest regardless of whether I have been asked to review a book or not this being said I will never be rude about any book regardless of whether I love it or dislike it.

I only accept hardback and paper copies of books, as e-books give me migraines and I do a lot of my reading whilst on buses and trains and I do not have a device (besides my computer) in which to read e-books. 

I hope that this answers all questions and does not sound too complicated!

Best Wishes and thanks for considering me to review your books!

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